Tired of your button-up shirt gaping?

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Washing my Face with oil! 

Embracing my inner hippy! 

I found this online, and I thought - why not give it a try. I love to both try new things, and get rid of processed things with chemical names I can't say... 

I bought castor oil at Walgreens, grapeseed oil at TJMaxx, and Tea Tree oil at my local co-op grocery. Then mixed half and half castor and Grapeseed oils, and added a few drops of Tea Tree oil - just until I like the amound of sent it provided. 


Price (I estimate less than 10 cents per wash), Results (I swear my eye crinkles seem smaller), & Uniqueness (Not everyone is doing this... and I love being 'first!'

Fashion Tips and Tricks 

2015 Winter Trend Favorites

So, what should I add to my collection this season? Here's what I've found so far... Please share/comment if you have any suggestions I should consider. 

1) Booties - Yes!

2) Fringe - Maybe... 

3) Overalls - Um, No. 

4) The Poncho - Maybe... but only really carefully! 

5) Red all over! - Yes! 

6) The white button-up shirt! - YES YES YES!! 

7) And finally the shirtdress - Yes! 

Check out our Fashion Tips and Trips blog for my complete thoughts on these trends and Please let me know if I missed any important trends for Winter/Spring 2015!  

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