SPING 2016

Spring 2016 has brought some of my favorite fashion back to the forefront! I am PUMPED! 

1) Flare jeans are back! YAY - I’m struggling to find any that aren’t ‘stretchy’ denim. Silver has a very decent pair I might buy - but for now I’m keeping my eye out for some 100% cotton, non-stretchy denim ones. I know - retro - but that’s the point, right? 

2) I am also excited to report that I’ve seen GREAT button-up shirts in all my favorite stores. Express has two or three that I LOVE both the shape and patterns - their Portofino is so classic - I bought two - and think I’m going to head back for two more! Though I’ve seen a couple other stores with similar type shirts - so I may see if anyone has one that’s just a bit more fitted and bit less… transparent :D 

3) Finally - I’m excited that ORANGE is ‘big’ for spring. I don’t wear it particularly well… but I love it. Warm, cheerful - whenever I can pull a bit of orange into my outfit - I’m happy! 

Not excited about… the return of lingerie as clothing, I barely pulled it off in the late 90’s when it was trendy last - my oldness isn’t going to help any now. 

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