Winter/Spring 2015

So, what should I add to my collection this season? Here's what I've found so far... Please share/comment if you have any suggestions I should consider. 

1) booties - yes, I know these are NEW per se... but it seems like we're wearing them differently then when I first bouth my booties. Previously, I was very anti exposing the short boot - hiding it behind jeans, fearing it was cutting my legs and making me appear shorter. Lately though - paired with a cute dress and leggings or tights - I'm loving the look. 

2) Fringe??? I'm not sure - I think when/if I jump into fringe, I'm going to go as subtle as I can. I did fringe last time it was on trend, and a friend told me once - you can really on do a trend once. After that... leave it to the young'uns. Thoughts? Should we embrace it if we've done it before? How do you do fringe subtly? 

3) Overalls... are they reall back in??? I reject this as a trend. YES some gals look fantastic in these supremely comfortable articles of clothing... I am not one of them. My curvy figure is completely hidden and I just like a Marshemellow - though perhaps a denim marshmellow. 

4) The Poncho... yeah, again - I'm just not sure I can rock this look once again. Last time I rocked a poncho it felt like I was 'trying too hard.' If I could just pull of that Carrie Bradshaw cool in a poncho. I may try again - something more subtle. A chunky sweatery style wrap feels right for me... I'll definitely be on the look out for something with a little structure and wrap. I'll keep you posted if I find anything. Let me know if you have just the thing I should try.  

5) Red all over!!! This I can get behind. I love wearing red, and I'm down for trying to put together something red all over! A cute red dress, red tights with a cute pattern, and a red leather blazer... Done! 

6) The white button-up shirt! An absolute favorite. This classic look has tons of options this season. I love how professional I feel wearing a crisp white shirt, and while gapping buttons USED to keep me cringing when button-ups were back, PINX keeps me from avoiding this 2015 trend. YAY!!

7) And finally the shirtdress - SO done - this style I believe to be the most flattering on me... and I have a bunch to pull out and rock. I worry occationally about going too 1960's stewardess - but hey - they looked great so I'm in! 

Please let me know if I missed anything!  

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